Michelle Malloy


Group Description: This therapy group is an opportunity to connect with other individuals living with OCD. It will have an emphasis on CBT and ERP and is meant to provide education and guidance to participants as they progress in treatment. 

Open To: People 18 years and older with mild to moderate forms of OCD. This group is not open to friends and family at this time. 

Day and Frequency: Mondays from 6-7 PM. Please arrive 15 minutes early to allow time for socialization. Late arrivals will not be accommodated.

Fee: $30 per session

Additional Info: Must preregister with Michelle Malloy MFT at (714) 837-8997 Pre-group interview is required. May be waived if individual is currently being treated by a mental health professional.

This is a GOAL based group. Please see description below.

GOAL (Giving Obsessive-compulsives Another Lifestyle)

A GOAL should be active – pick something a dead person can't do. Dead people are notoriously good at not obsessing, not washing, etc. On the other hand, they are terrible at confronting their fears.
Passive goals are harder to accomplish and will be less effective in producing behavioral change. Some examples of GOALs might be:

For contamination problems;
1) touching something contaminated in the meeting room and agreeing
to spread it around the home;
2) touching a contaminated object with one's hands, touching food and
then eating it;
3) put groceries away without washing them;
4) touching a contaminated object and contaminating a fellow group

For checking problems;
1) face away from the stove, turn it on, turn the knob to the position
that might be off and leave the house;
2) leave lights on or water faucet dripping;
3) read a newspaper article and black out the print with a magic
marker while reading, so that checking is impossible;
4) read 5 pages of a book and use an index card to cover what has just
been read to make it more difficult to repeat. Do this tomorrow and

For "hit and run" fears;
1) tomorrow drive by a school when children are being let out and
don't look in rear view mirror;
2) after arriving home spend fifteen minutes saying to yourself, "I'll
never know if I hit anyone on the way home unless the police come
for me, so I have to get used to this uncertainty." Do this three
times this week.

For ordering;
1) turn food cans in cabinet without labels facing front and out of size
2) purposely fold towels wrong and put them away this way;
3) arrange desk by knocking everything a little bit.

For obsessions;
1) if the individual "freezes" whenever they want to "figure out an
obsession", we might ask them to continue rather than stop their
activities when obsessing;
2) for obsessive concerns about health and dying in which
obsessions focus upon trying to be convinced that death is far off,
the goal for the coming week could be to spend five minutes daily
thinking about the fact that death could come at any time.


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